Russia’s government to experiment with a blockchain based land registry system

The Russian government recently announced its plans that it would run an experiment on the use of blockchain technology in the real estate market by releasing a blockchain based land registry system early next year. The Ministry of Economic Development released a statement explaining why they decided to take up this project. “The use of […]

How blockchain technology could revolutionize music streaming

The music industry, whose revenues have been dropping as a result of music streaming services like Spotify gaining ground is undergoing a revitalization of sorts with blockchain-related startups coming up with new ways to solve issues. The blockchain’s decentralized nature is especially suited to the music industry with its armies of middlemen such as record […]

Bitproperty announces the Beta release of its real estate investment platform

Bitproperty is a Japan based startup which, with its online platform (currently in closed beta) is poised to help circumvent the financial and regulatory restrictions plaguing the real estate market. The Ethereum blockchain based project will allow its users to create, buy and sell two different kinds of tokens which represent the rights for revenues generated […]

Propy announces worlds first real estate purchase made through the Ethereum blockchain

Propy, the global property store has recently announced the first ever purchase of real estate on the blockchain network Ethereum. Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch remotely purchased a $60,000 apartment in Kiev with the use of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and PRO (Propy) tokens. The purchase is a peek into a future where the real estate […]