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5 ICO’s to watch in Q1 2018

MedicalChain A decentralized platform that aims to enable a safe, fast and transparent exchange of medical data. Blockchain technology is used to store the health records of patients and maintain a single true version of the data. With MedicalChain different healthcare agents such as doctors, hospitals and pharmacies and insurers to receive permission to access

Inacta and a leading Swiss real estate company jointly launch their first blockchain application

Swiss Prime Site has recently entered into a partnership with the IT consultancy firm based in Zug, inacta. Through this partnership the two companies will be able to work together to develop new applications that make use of Blockchain technology. This partnership will potentially lead to Swiss Prime Site being able to offer their services

Silver Portal Capital launches ICO for Velocity Ledger, a blockchain based utility for illiquid real estate securities trading

Silver Portal Capital LLC and Fundamental Interactions Inc have partnered to release their blockchain based utility, Velocity Ledger which aims to provide liquidity and transparency to direct issuance, secondary trading and settlement of illiquid real estate securities. Some security types will be tokenized for trading like Non-Traded REITs, Delaware Statutory Trusts and Limited Partnership interests in

McAfee Coin and launch presale of their IHT tokens for real estate smart contract development has partnered with John McAfee to create a blockchain and cloud based exchange platform with the goal of connecting users, real estate developers and financial institutions to make the purchase and sale of real estate more efficient and safe. The announcement of the partnership was made by McAfee Coin AG (MCF). The companies aim to

Tv series Innovations set to explore breakthroughs in blockchain technology for real estate investment

The TV series Innovations hosted by Ed Begley Jr. will be dealing with advancements in blockchain technology and specifically how they will affect real estate investment in an upcoming episode. The episode is slated to be airing in the first quarter of 2018 on FOX Business. The episode will cover a variety of different topics