Cross-border blockchain payment system by IBM

IBM announced a project that uses public blockchain technology to make transactions all over the world, focused on developing countries. More efficient, faster and less expensive. Public blockchain, for the first time, a fully transparent ledger system connected to the internet all over the world, allowed users to make transactions across the borders. The banking network […]

IPFS: the replacement for HTTP

HTTP the most known and used web protocol has served us since the beginning of the internet, but as the time goes on and the internet changed but HTTP did not, and this lead to a few problems including bandwidth and latency. This is what IPFS (Interplanetary File System) trying to solve. IPFS is decentralized internet where each […]

3 Industries that the Blockchain will change

As we discussed in one of our last posts, that How blockchain will change the real estate industry, I want to mention a few another industry which will be also reformed by the blockchain. 1.Banking Probably this one will be one of the first “revolutionized” industry by blockchain. A well-implemented blockchain technology will cause lower transaction fees and […]

The biggest ICOs of 2017

2017 was the year of ICOs, there were hundreds of successful and unsuccessful project, and these were the 3 biggest ICOs in terms of the collected capital of 2017: Filecon Filecon, Ico ended in 7th of September it raised 257000000(!)$. Filecon is an interesting concept,  it is a decentralized cloud storage system, where you can pay for storage […]

First attempt :ATLANT

ATLANT is one of the first real estate blockchain platforms. It offers an ethereum based altcoin or token called “ATL” ATLANT as well. It had a Pre-sale in August of 2017 and with the launch of the ATLANT network in September the the Public token sale (ICO) also started. They are planning to launch the platform in 2018. […]