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Real Land: A Tokenized, Real Estate Unit-Based IPO

Real Land a Taiwanese blockchain startup announced their new partners in the Asian real estate industry, including some of the best Real Estate investment groups in Asia. Their token is called RLD and as they claim it’s an “unique Blockchain-secured digital asset with inherent value as a secure cryptocurrency, which any user can use to participate in Real

RealeCoin: a Real Estate Found for Cryptocurrencies

There is a new way for crypto-currency holders who want to diversify their holdings thanks to a startup RealeCoin. The company is located in New York City. RealeCoin is the World’s first real estate investment fund which will accept cryptocurrencies, along with traditional fiat currencies. Their founds will include income-generating, institutional quality, multi-family housing units in New York

Real Estate Offer Platform on Blockchain

A startup company called ShelterZoom recently launched their blockchain-based real estate online offer platform called ShelterZoom. The platform is using the ethereum blockchain, and the company belives that it will change the way people buying and selling real estate by bringing the advantages of the blockchain. “As the online shopping market has matured, consumers have become increasingly

CPROP: Blockchain Powered Real Estate

CPROP is a new blockchain powered Real Estate company built by a highly experienced including Adam Koehler, who used to be a co-founder of Dotloop a real estate transaction management solution, later sold for over $100 million to Zillow. The company’s goal is to create a real estate solution with the help of the blockchain technology what

Realisto : Real Estate Investments On The Blockchain

Realisto is a decentralized application what is crossing all of the borders over the world dedicated to crowdfunding real estate sales. With the help of the blockchain technology, the platform allows customers to raise capital for its real estate projects through the asset-backed REA token. Their goal is to make this exciting platform available to external

Blockchain Real Estate Company Prime-Ex Perpetual Launches their ICO

A Panama based company called Prime-Ex Perpetual just launched their ICO, with $30 million worth of tokens, and with the pre-sale, they already collected $2,5 million. They are planning to create a Real Estate portfolio all over of the Republic of Panama Prime-Ex Perpetual’s point of view is that the traditional home building/financing model is

Blockchain-based CV system by APPII

This week APPII launched their new system, what meant to revolutionize and change the employment. As they call it the world first blockchain-based career verification platform, with the idea of using one of the biggest power of blockchain, the fact that there is no need for trust or a middle-men in the progress, so employers can be sure

Primalbase :the shared co-working platform

Primalbase was launched in June of 2017, and it is the first ever shared co-working platform. It uses Waves, what is a blockchain platform similar to ethereum. The idea behind Primalbase, is through an ICO they will sell tokens (their website is going through major upgrades, so the number of tokens are dubious but based on their