LAT: tokenize all of your physical assets

LAT, Liquid Asset Token is an interesting blockchain based platform. With the help of LAT,  you can “tokenize” all of your physical assets: real estate, vehicles, and works of art. And after you have your tokenized your assets, you are able to sell shares of it.

The benefits of LAT will be more visible in high volume assets where the selling time is long because of the high price, but with the help of tokenized assets, you will be able to sell shares what can speed up the process significantly. So let say in the future you will need money and you have above average priced assets, today you would go to a bank asking for a loan, but in the future, with a tokenized asset you can sell parts of your physical assets and later buy them back

The ICO is live from the 22. of August 2017 till 29. of September 2017 and they will issue 1000000000 LATokens.


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